Bruce A. Leibert, MD    Program Director

Version 2One (whole) physician.  We are healers.  We are not health-care professionals...whatever that means.  We have been, are, and will be (by the grace of the Living God) Jesus-following, determined individuals who are not buying into government controlled practice nor into the godless agenda of the AAFP, AMA, or ABFM or the federal government.  We are SEPARATISTS, PILGRIMS...or as our pilgrim Moms and Dads called themselves - SAINTS.  We stand for biblical values, excellence in medical practice, cost-effective care for all of our neighbors, and hard work.  Join us in Harlingen, Texas...if you have the 'right stuff'.





 Peter Lazzopina, MD  Associate Director

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I am one (whole) physician, by God’s grace. I find wholeness as a physician only in submission to the authority of Jesus, following his lead to share the hope and grace of the gospel. Without him I am merely a peddler of medication and empty assurances, but as his instrument I become a minister of the divine promise that he will bring an end to death and redeem all tragedy and suffering so that everything works out for the eternal good of those who love him. As a graduate of Valley Baptist FP residency and now as a faculty member, I am dedicated to raising up a new generation of Christian family docs and their families to serve the Lord Jesus. One (whole) physician.lazz2






Nina Torkelson, MD  Director of Scholarly Activity


"Being a Christian physician means that at work and at home I am mindful and aware of Jesus in all I do. I then get to share His presence in the lives of my patients and my family."

I love south Texas.  My husband and I have invested our lives into this community and the blessings have been impossible to measure.  We have three wonderful children, Lincoln, Liam, and Gwendolyn.  We are a part of the Body of Christ working out in medicine and education.  We enjoy involvement in community sporting  and performing arts activities

We are ONE WHOLE Family!

Eduardo Uribe, MD  Geriatric DirectorDr. Eduardo Uribe

I am excited to be a member of the Valley Baptist team.  I love this area of the world and am dedicated to serving the patients and families of south Texas.  My wife, Griselda and our children: Daphne, Vivian, and Emmanuel look forward to working with you, learning from you and growing together in our faith.




a cha (2)Jane Cha, MD  

I enjoy being the newbie faculty on the block.  This team of faculty is dynamic, smart, and energized to serve Jesus.  I love the freedom to express my diversity, the focus medical excellence, and the forum to teach medicine in a friendly, truly Christ-centered environment.




Jesus Rodriguez

I'm Jesse Rodriguez.  I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in the small town of Santa Maria.   I attended UT in Brownsville for undergrad, and graduated from med school at UTMB in Galveston.  This residency program has allowed me to focus on the important things in life: God, faith, and family.  With these aspects being tended to, residency training has become a beautiful, enriching experience.

Why Valley Baptist? jrod

VB prepares the physician as a whole, not just in the medical sense, but also in faith, to minister to those in need.  This ministry of medicine and Christ brings real solutions to real people who may not see real hope in life.  My dream job is to be involved in God's plan to bring healing to others through His work in me.  What greater honor could there be in life?

Arber Nuhaj


I am Arber Nuhaj.   I am originally from Albania, a small country in southeastern Europe.  I am the youngest of three children and have wanted to become a doctor since the age of ten.  Most of my family is still in Albania, where my wife and I visit as often as possible.  My beautiful wife, Miranda, and I recently celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary.


Why VBFP?  I became a Christian around the same time I decided to become a physician.  It was my intention from the beginning to practice medicine as a Christian physician.  Valley Baptist gives me the training to follow the example of Jesus by healing lives and relationships through the message of hope that is in Christ.

Fav verse: 1 Corinthians 2:9  "No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imaged, what God has prepared for those who love Him."