1. How many deliveries in 3 years:  average range 30-60
  2. How many C-sections assist: range 20-60
  3. How many C-sections, primary surgeon (resident determined): 50-200
  4. Clinic patient mix: peds 25%, geriatric (over 70 years) 17%, OB 10%, adult med 52%
  5. How many calls: first year every 4-5th night, second year every 5-6th night, third year once a week.
  6. Call responsibilities: residents are on call for our clinic patients except for the following rotations:  ER rotation, peds inpatient, OB deck.
  7. How far is hospital from our stand alone clinic: 100 yards.
  8. Doctor's lounge - great food, beverages 24/7
  9. Electronic medical record - Athena Net
  10. Financial status - praise God in the black for 20 years and still going!
  11. Harlingen - safer than Austin, Texas.  No one has kidnapped our children and sold them in Mexico.